What surface treatment can aluminum alloy die casting parts withstand high temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius?

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Aluminium alloy die casting parts are commonly used manufacturing materials, which have the advantages of light weight and high strength. However, in practical application, aluminium alloy die castings face corrosion and oxidation problems in high temperature environment, so surface treatment is needed to improve their high temperature performance. This paper will introduce some surface treatment methods for aluminium alloy die castings which can withstand 300℃.

1. Silicon solution treatment

Silicon solution treatment is a simple and effective surface treatment method, which can improve the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminium alloy die castings. The surface of aluminium alloy die castings treated with silicon solution forms a layer of tough silicon dioxide protective layer, which can greatly improve the high temperature performance.

Silicon solution treatment

2. Electrophoretic coating

Electrophoretic coating is a kind of surface coating technology which adopts the principle of electric field action. This technology can form a strong polymer protective layer on the surface of aluminium alloy die castings, enhancing their high temperature resistance.

Electrophoretic coating


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