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We are suitable for CNC machining for a variety of industries, precision prototype parts display from our valued customers

Why Huayin Die Casting Can Be Your Preferred CNC Parts Processing Supplier?

As a professional CNC precision machining manufacturer certified by ISO9001 & IATF 16949, Huayin Die Casting has specialized in aluminum precision CNC machining services for more than 18 years. Can provide you with a full range of parts customization solutions

Huayin Die Casting has invested in many advanced testing instruments, such as X-ray detectors, spectrometers, cleaning testing laboratories, etc. Our Carl Zeiss CMM has an automatic scanning function with a measurement accuracy of 0.001mm.

We provide a one-stop solution service for your CNC machined parts. It includes anodizing, chrome plating, powder coating, painting, electrophoresis, silk screen printing, laser etching, etc. With a rapid production system, it can meet the production of small batches and mixed projects. At present, 60% of our projects are exported. Our components are widely used in automotive engines and consumer electronics, communications and networks. We have customers such as Elvis, Knock, Greif, Hongqi Automobile, etc. Most of them are hidden champions in their market

What Precision Machines Do We Have

We continuously invest in high-end CNC machining equipment, our Makino CNC machines can help you manufacture ultra-high precision parts, We also have 10 Qiaofeng CNC machines and 20 cnc finishing equipments

  • CNC machining center workshop

    CNC machining center workshop

  • High precision milling machine

    High precision milling machine

  • Precision CNC machining process

    Precision CNC machining process


List of Precision CNC Machining Equipment

We have efficient automatic machining machine center, (equipped with various axis-(3&4&5&axis) machines to meet your different parts needs, our precision CNC machine tools will help you produce high-precision precision parts

Machine Type Journey Quantity
Makino F5 CNC machine 900*500*450mm 1
Qiaofeng T-5A model 500*400*300mm 10
4 axis cnc machining center 2000*1500mm 4
Three-axis CNC machining center ∅350*800mm 8
5-axis CNC machine ∅320*800/∅610*800 3
CNC lathe ∅320*800/∅610*800 3
EDM 500*400*400mm 3
Surface Grinder 600*300*200mm 3
wire cutting machine 400*400*400mm 3
Jinwei-3VAY milling machine ∅658*1011mm 3

Surface Treatment of CNC Machining

CNC machining leaves visible tool marks in the process of removing part of the block surface to create the desired shape. If machined parts are not required, choose a finish for your custom parts. At RapidDirect, we offer several common finishes that help improve functionality and aesthetics.

Surface treatment process describe material color
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 - Powder Coating

Powder Coating

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The powder coating is sprayed onto the surface of the die casting with a powder spraying equipment. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the die casting to form a powder coating. After high temperature baking and leveling curing, the powder coating becomes the final coating of different types of powder coatings; the texture can be adjusted to various effects, such as smooth surface, sand texture, foaming, etc. Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy black White
cnc machining and manufacturing services
 - Paint


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Baking paint is a spray paint production process. The method is to polish the die casting parts to a certain degree of roughness and spray several layers of paint on the substrate, and then bake and set at high temperature. At present, this process has higher requirements for paint and better color rendering. It is mainly divided into two categories: low-temperature baking paint and high-temperature baking paint. The temperature of low-temperature baking paint is between 140°C and 180°C, and the temperature of high-temperature baking paint is between 280°C and 400°C. Depending on the paint, whether to perform low-temperature paint or low-temperature paint is selected. High temperature paint. Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy unlimited color
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 - Passivation


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Passivation is a process in which a metal is treated in a nitrite, nitrate, chromate or dichromate solution to form a chromate passivation film on the metal surface. It is often used as a post-treatment for zinc and cadmium coatings to improve the corrosion resistance of the coating; the protection of non-ferrous metals; and the adhesion of the paint film, etc. Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy White
cnc machining and manufacturing services
 - Oxidation


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Aluminum alloy surface oxidation, suitable for conductive oxidation, aluminum or aluminum profiles, suitable for anodizing. The oxidation colors of aluminum alloys generally have natural colors and sky blue. Anodizing is carried out under the condition of high voltage electricity, and it is an electrochemical reaction process; conductive oxidation does not need to be energized, but only needs to be soaked in the potion. It is a pure chemical reaction. Anodizing takes a long time, often tens of minutes, while conductive oxidation only takes tens of seconds. 6061/6063/7075 Unlimited colors
cnc machining and manufacturing services
 - Electroplating


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Electroplating is the process of depositing metal or alloy on the surface of the workpiece by electrolysis to form a uniform, dense and well-bonded metal layer, which is called electroplating. Simple understanding is the change or combination of physical and chemical. Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy Unlimited colors
cnc machining and manufacturing services
 - Electrophoresis


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E-coat, also known as paint deposition, is a process that uses electricity to attract a painted product to a metal surface. It is usually used alone because it has excellent coverage, but can also be used as a primer for other coatings such as powder coatings. Traditionally, it has been used for functional purposes such as protection, not really decorative purposes. Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy Black/White
cnc machining and manufacturing services - Sandblasting


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Sandblasting is to use compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam, and spray abrasives (steel grit, brown corundum, glass beads, emery, etc.) at high speed to the surface of the die casting to be treated, so that the appearance of the outer surface of the die casting changes. Due to the impact and cutting effect of the sand on the surface of the die casting, the surface of the die casting can obtain a certain cleanliness and different roughness, so that the mechanical properties of the surface of the die casting can be improved, thus improving the fatigue of the die casting. It increases the adhesion between it and the coating, prolongs the durability of the coating film, and is also beneficial to the flow and decoration of the coating. Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy Black/White/Grey
cnc machining and manufacturing services
 - Polishing/Grinding


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Polishing refers to the processing method that uses mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece to obtain a bright and flat surface. It is a modification and processing of the workpiece surface using polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media. Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy True color
cnc machining and manufacturing services
 - Chromate


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Chromate treatment refers to the treatment method of chemically reacting metal with chromate to form a stable chromate film on its surface Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy White
cnc machining parts service
 - Wire drawing

Wire drawing

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Surface wire drawing treatment is a surface treatment method that forms lines on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product to achieve a decorative effect Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy White
cnc machining parts service
 -Electrostatic spraying


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Under the action of a DC high-voltage electric field, the atomized negatively charged paint particles are directed to the positively charged workpiece to obtain a paint film, which is called static spraying. Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy Unlimited colors

We Are Suitable for CNC Machining of 3F Various Industry Applications

RapidDirect works with leading manufacturers from diverse industries to support growing demand and simplify their supply chain. The digitization of our custom CNC machining services is helping more and more manufacturers bring their ideas to products.

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  • 01 What is your CNC machining capability?

    We have 24 sets of CNC processing equipment, the daily output can be as high as 3W pieces

  • 02 How accurate can you do it

    We have high-precision CNC machining centers with precision up to plus or minus 0.01MM

  • 03 What is the maximum size of your CNC machining

    The maximum size we process is 2000MM

  • 04 Are you a CNC machining factory?

    We are the source factory of CNC machining in China


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