Different Types of Die Casting Mold Designs and Their Applications

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While CNC machining is one of the most popular ways of producing parts for different products, die casting is another method where molten metal is filled into a mold cavity, and as it hardens, a product or its part is formed. There are different types of die casting mold designs, and this manufacturing technique is used for different applications, including:

Different Types of Die Casting Mold Designs

There are several types of die casting mold designs, and below are the 4 most utilized ones.

  1. Unit die

The unit die is a standard design where there is only one cavity section, and it is made for a specific product part only. If you are looking for a cheap production of a low-volume part, then unit die design is the best choice.

  1. Two-plate die

The simplest design that you can find in the die casting mold designs list is a two-plate design. This design consists of an ejector half and a cover half. With this design, the parts can be easily created and then removed from the die without any additional actions.

  1. Three-plate die

A three-plate design includes a floating plate between the ejector and cover plates. This die design is a perfect choice for parts that require complex gate designs with multiple gates, so the additional plate between the two enables achieving those complex designs.

  1. Squeeze casting die

Squeeze casting die is used for part manufacturing that requires to decrease in the porosity and turbulence of the molten metal. In this way, the part gets high structural integrity since the molten metals are slowly pressed inside the cavity of the die mold.

Applications of die casting molds

These molds have applications in multiple industries, including the following:

  1. Automotive industry

The automotive industry is a huge application since different parts of the engine, gearbox, and overall structure of the vehicles can be made using the dies. Car wheels are also created using the same process.

  1. Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics and their parts use the die casting method for creating the structure of the devices. Common examples include smartphones, laptops, washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, etc.

  1. Medical devices

The medical industry is another big application of die casting molds since castings are used for creating several medical equipment and their parts. Similarly, some components are created using this production method for higher efficiency.

  1. Aerospace

In the aerospace industry, chassis components, engine parts, and some other parts that require high structural strength while being lightweight are made using the die cast molding methods.

While these were some of the biggest applications, the industry machinery, lighting fixtures, locks, communication devices, housing, and several other items are made using die cast molds. For each application, a different material is utilized to gain maximum efficiency.

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