Understanding the Basics of Surface Finishing

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From a broader perspective, surface finishing is the process that is used to create an improved finish and appearance of a product crafted from various metals. It not only improves the appearance but makes the product more wear-resistant, safe from corrosion, and more. There are different techniques used for surface finishing, and here, we will understand the basics of each type.

Different types of surface finishing and their applications

Here is a basic overview of the most common types of surface finishing:

1. Polishing

Polishing is the process that creates a smooth and shiny surface with the help of an abrasive material. The level of abrasive material starts higher and slowly moves towards smoother finishes, which eventually create a shiny part. It is the best choice for household fixtures, jewelry, and automotive parts. Apart from mechanical polishing, a chemical polishing process is also used, which creates the same results.

2. Electroplating
The method of electroplating gives a finished surface to the part made with the metal that is plated over that part. A thin layer of metal is deposited on the surface of another material by passing an electric current through the material while submerged in a liquid. It is also a great surface finishing method for decorative items and jewelry. This is because electroplating reduces wear & tear along with introducing corrosion resistance.

3. Sandblasting
As the name says, this method of finishing the surface of a part uses a high pressure of air to blast abrasive materials, including sand, on the surface of the product/part. Since the particles hit the part with high speed and pressure, a rough but clean texture is created that also removes extra material or impurities from the surface. It is best used for preparing surfaces to paint or to clean previous paint from metal, wood, or plastics.

4. Powder coating
Powder coating is the process of coating a part in a dry powder. The powder is often sprayed on the surface, or sometimes, the product is dipped in the powder. After this step, the part gets heated so the powder melts and adheres to the surface for a smooth finish. It is a considerable option for automotive parts, household applications, and outdoor furniture, thanks to corrosion resistance and durability.

5. Baking paint
This surface finishing method involves applying paint to a surface and then baking that surface so the paint cures and hardens. It is best used for metal furniture and automotive parts.

6. Anodizing
Anodizing is a common method used by some smartphone and laptop manufacturing companies to finish the surface of aluminum parts. This is an electrochemical process where the thickness of a metal is increased by creating a thicker natural oxide layer. It works as a decoration, improves paint adhering, and improves wear resistance as well.


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